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Mare Families



St Pr Savannah and Mama Mia, Rocky's half-sisterOur mare herd of up to 20 mares is headquartered in our new facility in Sulby, Northamptonshire, and many three and four old mares are kept in Germany for performance testing, competition and breeding. Visitors to the stud are rewarded with a clear view of over thirty horses and mare families representing the most significant lines in Europe.


As a breeder you are (or should be) working towards a template of, in our case, a great dressage horse. You think of the dam and use the sire to, hopefully, improve one or two elements. Take our wonder horse for example, the 5 and 6 year old World Champion Woodlander Farouche. Her dam Dornroeschen is a very, very good mare (and proven in competition) but you would want to improve her ‘roundness’ as she has a rather angular body. Farouche’s sire, Fuerst Heinrich, was a very round horse, big but not with exceptionally long legs, but he was World Champion himself, as was Dornroeschen’s sire, Dimaggio. Fuerst Heinrich seemed a good choice and we were blessed with what may be a once in a lifetime result - the close to perfect Farouche.


While none of this can be guaranteed, you must have a clear plan of what you want to achieve, and only breed from the best bloodlines whenever you can.


Below are the foundation mares represented at Woodlander - please come back regularly for updates and further information. (NB: El - Elite mare; St Pr - State Premium mare)


St Pr Pikantje (German National Champion 1986) (Pik Bube x Lombard)


Direct Daughters:

St Pr Wicarda (1994)                                                             Sire: Weltmeyer

                        1998 Rossetti                                                 Sire: Rubinstein

                        1999 Conquistador                                        Sire: Cordoba

                        2000 Razzmatazz                                           Sire: Rotspon

                        2001 Rapptanzer                                            Sire: Rotspon

                        2003 Woodlander Bombay Sapphire        Sire: Buddenbrock

                                  BWBS Stallion Champion 2005

                                   2007 Blue Bayou                                 Dam: Katinka

                                                2011 Indigo                              Sire: Imperio

                                                2012 Midnight Blues             Sire: Mighty Magic

                                                2013 Galago                            Sire: Grafenstolz

                                   2007 Bombay Jack                            Dam: Donna Diana


Alabama (1996)                                                                     Sire: Alabaster

                        2001 Ringo Starr                                           Sire: Regazzoni

                        2003 Cuba Libre                                            Sire: Connery

                        2004 Ciaroscura                                            Sire: Connery

                                    2008 Roadrunner

                        2006 Moulin Rouge                                       Sire: Margue H

                                    2011 Booker T                                   Sire: Bordeaux

                                    2012 Spirit in the Sky                      Sire: Spoercken

                                    2013 De Versailles                          Sire: Don Frederico

                        2007 Santana                                                Sire: Sir Donnerhall

                                   Licensed WBS-UK 2009

                                   2011 Suzy Q                                       Dam: Davina

                                              Supertrooper                           Dam: Savoir Faire

                        2008 BB King                                                Sire: Benvenuto


St Pr Fandona (Dam of multiple (17) Westfalian State Stallions) by Farnzauber


Direct Daughters:

Davina (1994)                                                                         Sire: Davignon

                        1997 A Bientot                                               Sire: A Jungle Prince

                        1999 St Pr Waltzing Matilda                        Sire: Wenzel

                                    2003 Rumona                                     Sire: Romancero H

                                    2004 Werdicchio                                Sire: Weltregent

                                    2009 Dr Feelgood                              Sire : Del Amitri

                        2000 Darley Las Vegas                                Sire: Longchamp      

                        2001 Little Richard                                        Sire: Longchamp

                        2002 St Pr Louisiana                                     Sire: Longchamp

                                    2006 Wavavoom                                Sire: Weltregent H

                                              Licensed and Approved Hannover (2008)

                                              30 Day Test in Redefin (2010)

                                              Reserve 4YO Badminton Young Horse Championships (2010)

                                              Reserve 5YO Champion, Shearwater International (2011)

                                              Bundeschampionat Qualification: Score 8.6 (2012)

                                                2010 Winwood                        Dam: Trenda

                                                2011 Wakeman                      Dam: Trenda

                                                2011 Wales                             Dam: Helen

                                                2011 Wagalina                        Dam: Galina

                                                2011 Wazoo                            Dam: Malibu

                                                2011 Wonderful World          Dam: Dulicema

                                                2011 What a Feeling              Dam: Chikka

                                                2011 Wirginia                          Dam: Savannah

                                                2011 Wild Child                      Dam: Farouche

                                               2012 Waterloo                         Dam: Diminuendo

                                               2012 Watusi                             Dam: Foxy Lady

                                               2012 Wallis                               Dam: Helen

                                               2013 West End Diva               Dam: Dixie Chick

                                               2013 Walk This Way               Dam: First Lady

                                    2008 West End Girl                            Sire: Woiwode

                                                2012 Reet Petit                       Sire: Rockstar

                                                2013 Sunday Girl                    Sire: Supertramp

                                    2009 Showaddywaddy                      Sire: Showmaker

                                    2011 For Your Love                            Sire: For Compliment

                        2003 St Pr Double Diamond                         Sire: Don Frederico

                                    2007 Buddy Holly                               Sire: Burlington

                                    2011 Stratocaster                              Sire: Sarkozy

                                    2013 Bo Diddley                                 Sire: Bretton Woods

                        2004 Walpolicella                                           Sire: Welt Hit II

                        2005 Daddy Cool                                           Sire: Del Amitri

                        2006 Rendezvous                                          Sire: Rockstar

                        2007 Rose Royce                                          Sire: Rockstar

                        2008 Whambamboo                                      Sire: Wesuvio

                        2009 Walerie                                                  Sire: Wesuvio

                        2010 Rock Music                                           Sire: Rockstar

                        2011 Suzy Q                                                   Sire: Santana

                        2012 Romance                                              Sire: Rousseau

                        2013 Wilbury                                                  Sire: Wenckstern


Carrubina (1990)                                                                  Sire: Rubinstein

                        1999 Don Rosso                                           Sire: Davignon          

                        2000 Dancing Queen                                   Sire: Davignon

                        2001 Di Marco                                               Sire: Di Maggio


Raphaela (1992) ( Rubinstein x Maat )

                        1998 Arruba                                                   Sire: A Jungle Prince

                        1999 First Lady                                             Sire: Fidermark

                                    2003 Wicked Lady                            Sire: Weltruhm

                                                2007 Fleetwood Mac            Sire: Fuerstenreich

                                    2004 Della Flora                                Sire: Di Maggio

                                    2008 Ravi Shankar                           Sire: Rockstar

                                    2009 Wienna                                      Sire: Wesuvio

                                    2013 Walk This Way                         Sire: Wavavoom

                        2000 Dolce Vita                                             Sire: Dimaggio

                                   BD Mare Champion

                                    2007 Rossi                                        Sire: Rockstar

                                    2006 Rapido                                      Sire: Rockstar

                        2005   Dayglo                                                Sire: Del Amitri


St Pr Savannah (1994) Hann Jump Prog   BD Champ (Sao Paulo x Lanthan)

                        1999 Frank Sinatra                                       Sire: Federweisser

                        2001 Wizzard                                                 Sire: Wolkenstein II

                        2002 Rockstar                                               Sire: Rotspon

                                   BWBS Reserve Stallion Champion (2004)

                                   BD Medium Dressaeg Champion (2009)

                                   Young Horse Champion (2009)

                                   BD Advanced Medium Winter Champion (2010)

                                   BD Inter I Champion (2011)

                                   CDI Hartpury Inter II Sunshine Tour Champion (2012)

                                   Licensed and Approved Oldenburg and BWBS

                                   BD Inter II Champion (2013)

                                    2006 Rock DJ                                     Dam: Fuegos Finale

                                    2006 Ravissante                                Dam; Katinka

                                    2006 Repartee                                    Dam: Louise

                                    2006 Rapido                                        Dam: Dolce Vita

                                    2006 Rallentissez                              Dam: Wanda

                                    2006 Rendezvous                              Dam: Davina

                                    2006 Rock DJ                                     Dam: Fuegos

                                    2007 Roxette                                       Dam: White Flower

                                    2007 Rhythm n Blues                       Dam: Louise

                                    2007 Rossi                                           Dam: Dolce Vita

                                    2007 Ruby Tuesday                           Dam: Renaissance

                                    2007 Rose Royce                               Dam: Davina

                                    2008 Roxanne                                      Dam: Trenda

                                    2008 Ravi Shankar                             Dam: First Lady

                                    2008 Rocketman                                 Dam: Renaissance

                                    2008 Remix                                           Dam: Wonalulu

                                    2008 (Hillgrove) Rocket Man            Dam: Weltregentin

                                    2010 Rock Music                                 Dam: Davina

                        2004 Wesuvio                                                  Sire: Walentino

                                   2* Eventing

                                   BWBS Stallion Champion (2006)

                                    2008 Whambamboo                          Dam: Davina

                                    2009 Walerie                                       Dam: Davina

                                    2009 Wyman                                       Dam: Trenda

                                    2009 Wienna                                       Dam: First Lady

                                    2010 Walk on the Wild Side             Dam: Farocuhe                                

                        2005 Foxy Lady                                              Sire: Florencio

                                    2010 Dido                                             Sire: Del Amitri

                                    2012 Watusi                                         Sire: Wavavoom

                                   2013 Sugar Pie                                    Sire: Supertramp

                        2006 Wersaille                                                Sire: Wolkenstein II

                        2008 Wishing Well                                          Sire: Woiwode

                        2009 Mama Mia                                               Sire: Monte Bellini

                        2010 Daltrey                                                    Sire: Desert Moon

                        2011 Wirginia                                                  Sire: Wavavoom

                        2013 Glam Rock (ET)                                    Sire: Goetterfunke

                        2013 Sweet Savannah (ET)                         Sire: Supertramp


El Dornroeschen (2002) (Mother line of Florestan)    (Dimaggio x Caprimond)

BWBS Mare Champion (2005)

Shearwater International Champion (2008)

Advanced Medium Champion (2010)

                        2006 El Farouche                                            Sire: Fuerst Heinrich

                                  World YH Dressage Champion (2011 and 2012)

                                  British YH Dressage Champion (2010 and 2011)

                                  Hannoverian Foal Champion

                                  Hannoverian Mare Champion and Supreme Champion

                                  Badminton Young Horse Champion (2010 and 211)

                                  Hickstead International Champion (2012)

                                  BD Advanced Medium Champion (2013)

                                    2010 Walk on the Wild Side              Sire: Wesuvio

                                    2011 Wild Child                                   Sire: Wavavoom

                        2011 Freddy M                                                Sire: For Compliment

                        2012 Franz Ferdinand                                   Sire: Fuerst Heinrich


Farouche, out of DornroeschenFreddie M, dam Dornroeschen


Trenda (2000) Dam is full sister to Olympic Ferro  (Mondriaan x Ulft)

                        2008 Roxanne                                                Sire: Rockstar

                        2009 Wyman                                                   Sire: Wesuvio

                        2010 Winwood                                                Sire: Wavavoom

                        2011 Wakeman                                               Sire: Wavavoom

                        2012 Wonderwall                                            Sire: Wenckstern

                        2013 Willow                                                     Sire: Wenckstern


St Pr  Limoncello (2003)   (Londonderry x Benz)

                        2009 Betty Boo                                               Sire: Benetton Dream

                        2010 Clapton                                                   Sire: Christ

                                   Licensed Stallion Hannover, WBS-UK

                        2011 Dream Lover                                         Sire: Dimaggio

                        2012 Heaven                                                   Sire: Hotline

                        2013 Happy Days                                          Sire: Hotline


Limoncello as a youngster  Betty Boo (x Benetton Dream) and her dam Limoncello


White Flower (1999) (White Magic x Argentan)

                        2004                                                                Sire: Don Frederico

                        2007 Roxette                                                  Sire: Rockstar


El Wild Flower (2000)                                                           Sire: Wolkentanz

                        2006 Savoir Faire                                          Sire: San Remo

                                    2011 Supertrooper                            Sire: Santana

                        2007 Chaka Khan                                          Sire: Cavanier

                        2008 Harrison                                                Sire: Hechizo

                        2009 Desire                                                    Sire: Del Amitri


St Pr Welley View (1993) Full sister to Wenckstern  (Weltmeyer x Western Star)

                        2007 Hot Gossip                                            Sire: Hotline

                        2008 Havanna Moon                                     Sire: Hotline

                                    2012 Rihanna                                     Sire: Rousseau

                        2009 Kiki Dee                                                 Sire: Kaiserdom

                        2011 Iggy Pop                                                Sire: Imperio

                        2012 Daytripper                                            Sire: Don Darius

                        2013 Long Tall Sally                                     Sire: Londontime


Renaissance (1993)    (Resoluut  x Weinberg)

                        2007 Ruby Tuesday                                      Sire: Rockstar

                        2008 Rocketman                                           Sire: Rockstar

                        2009 Daytona                                                 Sire: Del Amitri

                        2012 Sloop John B                                        Sire: Santana

                        2013 Sanbonani                                             Sire: Supertramp


Katinka (1999) Full sister to Kaiserwalzer BWB Champ (Consul x Ravel)

                        2003 Lady Sunshine                                      Sire: Londonderry

                        2005 Donna Summer                                     Sire: Del Amitri

                        2006 Ravissante                                             Sire: Rockstar

                        2007 Blue Bayou                                            Sire: Bombay Sapphire

                                    2011 Indigo                                           Sire: Imperio

                                    2012 Midnight Blues                          Sire: Mighty Magic

                                    2013 Galago                                         Sire: Grafenstolz

                        2012 Kala                                                          Sire: Le Rouge

                        2013 Dancing in the Dark                             Sire: Del Amitri


Kiss (2007) Half Sister to Katinka (Imperio x Ravel)

                        2011 First Kiss                                               Sire: For Compliment

                        2012 Divine Miss M                                       Sire: Don Frederico

                        2013 Delta Lady                                             Sire: Don Frederico


Happy Girl (1989) (Olympic Cocktail x Onyx)

            2000 Byzantia                                                            Sire: Biotop

                        2004 Evie                                                        Sire: Dimaggio

                        2005 Deville                                                    Sire: Dimaggio

            2001 Del Amitri                                                          Sire: Dimaggio

                        2005 Daddy Cool                                           Dam: Davina

                        2005 Dexter                                                    Dam: May West

                        2005 Del Cielo                                                Dam: Louise

                        2005 Dkota                                                      Dam: Donna Diana

                        2005 Donna Summer                                    Dam: Katinka

                        2007 Dance to the Music                             Dam: Weltregentin

                        2009 Desire                                                     Dam: El Wild Flower

                        2009 Daytona                                                  Dam: Renaissance

                        2009 Dr Feelgood                                           Dam: St Pr Waltzing Matilda

                        2010 Dido                                                         Dam: El Foxy Lady

                        2013 Dancing in the Dark                            Dam: Katinka

            2003 Malibu                                                                 Sire: Markies

                        2011 Wazoo                                                     Sire: Wavavvom

            2004 Chuck Berry                                                     Sire: Connery


Weltregentin (1999)   (Weltregent H x Archipel)

                        2003 Frangelica                                             Sire: First Game H

                        2005 Woddoo Chile                                       Sire: Walentino

                        2006 De Galles                                               Sire: Desperados

                        2007 Dance to the Music                             Sire: Del Amitri

                        2008 Hillgrove Rocket Man                         Sire: Rock Music

                        2013 Sharona                                                  Sire: Supertramp


St Pr Donata (1997)  (Donnerschlag x Akzent I)

                        2001 Wonalulu                                               Sire: Weltregent H

                                    2005 Rhythm King                            Sire: Romancero H

                                    2006 Rochelle                                    Sire: Rockstar

                                    2007 Remix                                        Sire: Rockstar

                        2002 Watch Me                                              Sire: Weltregent H

                                    2006                                                      Sire: Sir Oldenberg

                                    2007                                                      Sire: Sir Oldenberg

                        2003 Manhattan                                             Sire: Margue H


Kananta El Ster 1992  (Olympic Ferro  x Zeus)

                        1997 Royal Bonanza                                     Sire: Burgraaf

                        1998 California                                              Sire: Clavecimbel

                                    2005 Diamonds                                  Sire: Del Amitri

                                    2006 Deci Dela                                   Sire: Del Amitri

                        1999 Inferrno                                                  Sire: Igor

                        2000 Iscander                                                 Sire: Igor

                        2001 Scaramouche                                        Sire: Sandro Hit

                        2003 Rapunzel                                               Sire: Rubin Royal

                        2004 Jam                                                        Sire: Jazz

                        2005 Jaccuzzi                                                 Sire: Jazz

                        2007 Lauries As


Leadine (1994) Dam Half sister to Vechta and Voltucky (Goodtimes x Joost)

                        1999 San Fernando                                       Sire: Sandroson

                        2000 Isvestia                                                  Sire: Igor

                                    2004 Con Brio                                    Sire: Contendro

                                    2005 Dontae                                       Sire: Del Amitri


Expose (1998) Dam is out of Full Sister to Weltmeyer      Sire: Escudo

                        2002 Amelie Bund                                         Sire: Alabaster

                        2003 Wodka Blue                                          Sire: Worldly

                        2004 Widi Wici                                                Sire: Welt Hit II

                        2005 Fontella                                                  Sire: Florencio

                        2006 Risque                                                    Sire: Rockstar

                        2007 Rockys Bud Weiser                            Sire: Rcokstar


El Louise (2000)                                                                    Sire: Londonderry

                        2004 Fiorucci                                                 Sire: Frenchman

                        2005 Del Cielo                                                Sire: Del Amitri

                        2006 Repartee                                                Sire: Rockstar

                        2007 Rhythm n Blues                                    Sire: Rockstar


Wanda (1996)  (Wittinger x Cavalier)

                        2005 Diminuendo                                          Sire: Don Frederico 

                                    2008 Wilhelmina                                Sire: Wesuvio

                                    2012 Waterloo                                    Sire: Wavavoom

                        2006 Rallentissez                                          Sire: Rockstar

                        2007 Dixie Chick                                            Sire: Del Amitri

                        2008 Lucille                                                     Sire: Lauries Crusader

                        2009 Ballet Time                                            Sire: Bertoli

                        2010 Buddenbroack

                        2011 Christ


Bella Ricci (1984)       (Onyx x Liguster)

                        1994 Milano                                                   Sire : Cassander

                        1996 Italia                                                      Sire: Igor

                        1999 Firenze                                                  Sire: Daws Firebird

                        2000 Fiat Uno                                                Sire: Daws Firebird


Halilah (1989) ( Aktion x Parade)

                        2002 Itchykoo Park                                       Sire: Igor

                        2000 Shirley Valentine                                  Sire: Setadrift xx      

                                    2006 Darcy Bussell                           Sire: Del Amitri

                        1999 Salvador Dali                                        Sire: Setadrift xx

                        1998 San Jose                                               Sire: Setadrift xx

                        1997 Fellini                                                     Sire: Daws Firebird

                        1996 Buenas Dias                                          Sire: Belisar


Una Quinta (1978)     (Eros x Weissman)

                        1990 Kampuchea                                          Sire: Saygon

                                    1994 China Tea                                 Sire: Cassander

                        1991 Canatata                                               Sire: Cassander

                                    1995 Woodlander Nightmusic         Sire: Daws Firebird

                                    1996 Fabienne                                   Sire: Daws Firebird

                                    1997 Forzando                                  Sire: Daws Firebird

                                    1998 Fortissimo                                Sire: Daws Firebird  

                                    1999 Floriana                                     Sire: Daws Firebird

                                    2000 Feng Shui                                  Sire: Daws Firebird

                        1992 Dior                                                        Sire: Dallas

                                    1996 Lauren Hutton                          Sire: L

                                    1997 French Dressing                      Sire: Daws Firebird

                                    1998 Schiaparella                              Sire: Setadrift xx

                                    1999 Daws Firebird

                        1994 Montego Bay                                        Sire: Jashin

                        1995 Fantastique                                           Sire: Daws Firebird


Suffolk Broads xx (1979) (Moulton x

                        1983 Connaught Broads xx                        Sire: Connaught xx

                        1984 Sheephaven xx                                    Sire: Relkino xx

                        1985 Scotts Gap xx                                      Sire: Relkino xx

                        1986 Fields of Fortune xx                            Sire: Anfield xx

                                    1993 Fortune Cookie                        Sire; Son of Charm

                                    1994 Miami Springs                          Sire: Igor

                                    1995 Ivana Trump                             Sire: Igor

                                    1996 Impressario                              Sire: Igor

                                    1997 Imperator                                  Sire: Igor

                                    1998 Sett Aside                                 Sire: Setadrift xx

                                    1999 Shanghai                                  Sire: Setadrift xx

                        1987 Enchantment xx

                        1991 Winston                                                Sire: Talon

                        1992 Strauss                                                 Sire: Son of Charm

                        1993 Landscape                                           Sire: Landmark

                        1994 Midsummer’s Eve                               Sire: Igor

                        1995 Accapulco                                            Sire: Akkord

                        1998 White Mischief                                     Sire: West Country

                        1999 Hello Sailor                                          Sire: Setadrift


World Class (1994)    (West Country x Zalmeco)

                        1998 Monte Cristo                                       Sire: Markies

                        1999 I Spy                                                     Sire: Igor



The devine Davina

St Pr Savannah

Wavavoom, dam Louisiana, grand dam Davina

Our stallion Rockstar, dam Savannah

Savannah with a young Foxy Lady.

Foxy is now a broodmare too!

Elite mare Dornroeschen

Far left the fabulous Farouche,

and left Freddie M, both out of Dornroeschen

Santana, dam Alabama

Trenda and Wakeman

Limoncello as a youngster far left, and with Betty Boo left

Walerie (above) and Rock Music (below) both out of Louisiana, grand dam Davina

Welley View and Kiki Dee

Our stallion Del Amitri,

dam Happy Girl

Watch Me, dam Donata 

Champion Katinka

The lovely Wanda

Rythym n Blues, dam Louise

Ravi Shankar

Blue Bayou with Indigo

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